Left to themselves their favoured description would be “Mostly harmless,” but we needed a bit more than that, so we prised it out of them…

DC is a familiar face at cons, often found in Ops or helping elsewhere, fueled largely by coffee and the occasional whisky. Maybe two. They’ve been avid consumers of SFF for as long as they can remember. Before they could read, TV was a regular source of SFF — including Doctor Who in his original incarnation. Once able to read, nothing could hold them back, and they devoured any SFnal books which came their way, and they recall well the excitement of graduating from the children’s section of the local library to the adult, which had a whole new range of books to go through.

Books were where DC first heard about cons: authors such as Asimov and Harry Harrison would refer to them in forewords and the like, and it was probably Harrison who first mentioned Eastercon — there were cons in Britain! (Getting information pre-Web was not always easy.) In the late Seventies, they discovered the Glasgow fan group, the Friends of Kilgore Trout, and finally got their first chance to go to a con, probably an Albacon, and loved it! It wasn’t their last…

In the Eighties, though, pressures of work (in the acute end of things in the NHS) forced gaffiation for a while. When things eased off, they started to get back into fandom, initially through media cons, later on (after another, health-related interruption) getting back to Eastercons and local cons. The 2005 Worldcon, Interaction, was a superb experience, and a time when they made lasting friendships. It also spurred DC and other Glasgow fans to reboot Trout (now the Resurgence of Trout) and start working towards  Glasgow-based cons. DC chaired the first Satellite in 2007: DC insists we remind you to visit the Satellite 6 web site.)

Like many fellow convention-goers, DC is often in the wrong (right?) place at the wrong (right?) time. That was how they most recently ended up involved in running of Mancunicon in 2016. That was a bit of pressure (a last-minute bid with less than 52 weeks from formation until the con) but a lot of fun too.

These days DC is slightly bemused that fifty years on they are still watching new episodes of Doctor Who, is convinced that in decades to come people will look back at this period as the golden age of science fiction — such skilled authors, such a spread of ideas and viewpoints! They’re usually to be found nursing either coffee or a good whisky, chatting with old and new friends — and cons can be a great place to meet new friends.