Anti-Racism Statement

Like society in general, racism permeates geek culture and geek spaces, making them less welcoming and safe for non-white people. At Ytterbium we want to prioritise the voices of people who are often spoken over or erased in geek spaces, and make Ytterbium as accessible as we can to people from all racial backgrounds. Problems non-white attendees of geek events talk about include:

  • white people critiquing their cosplay costumes without being asked;
  • being expected to be an authority on non-white characters in various shows or comics;
  • being talked down to or assumed to be less knowledgeable about topics being discussed.
  • people wearing offensive t-shirts, badges and other items of clothing.

Please be aware of this and if you are asked to desist with an expression, or challenged on any of these issues listen to what is being said.