Chair: Judi Hodgkin  (chair and crèche)
Treasurer of Concussion in 2006 and Chair of Dysprosium in 2015, Judi has been involved in fandom since her childhood in Australia where some early Swancons might not have happened if her family hadn’t provided the venue.

Treasurer: Sarah Shemilt

Web site and communications: Paul Taylor
Paul grew up with television series such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, U.F.O. and Blake’s Seven. But, as a child, he was captivated from the beginning by books. When he had read all of his own, he discovered science fiction by raiding his father’s bookshelves, and poetry by raiding his mother’s. Both offered new worlds of surprise and delight, as they still do today. It took Paul rather longer to discover fandom and conventions, but he immediately decided to get involved, and has since worked with many of the recent Eastercons, and, with Dublin 2019, is now on his third Worldcon committee.

Online registration system: James Shields

Communications (non-com): Judith Lewis
Judith used to be evil. In her past she has: ‘borrowed’ a member badge to attend a con; slept 6 in a 2-person room; and not volunteered. Since then she has reformed her evil ways and volunteered for numerous conventions as well as running some small ones. She is an expert in online marketing so ideal for Communications. She is returning to the post she delivered at Dysprosium in 2015.

Hotel Liaison: Sarah Brider aka Osprey
Sarah Brider/Osprey was Hotel Liaison for Dysprosium in 2015. Drawn into convention going via the Dr Who fandom in 2004, Sarah (Hunting Osprey) first Eastercon was Odyssey and she has attended all Eastercons and Redemptions since. She committed the mistake of performing an act of competency in a public place at Odyssey, and so she’s been incarcerated in Ops for every convention until Dysprosium where she discovered the joys of hotel liaison. Clearly she is now addicted.

Access: Vanessa May

Health and safety: Tony Croft

Logistics: John Harrold (including Art show)
John has been doing things at conventions since he walked into the 1987 Worldcon in Brighton and asked if he could help; 36 hours later he was helping to run the gopher hole and help out anywhere possible. Since then he has done most things at cons except be a chair, or work in the green room. Mostly doing Ops but helping tech out at times. Art Shows mainly in the last few years and moving things when needed on this side of the pond. Con work has taken him as far as Japan and (as with Dysprosium in 2015) about five miles down the road, all of it interesting and he hopes he has been of use to those he has worked with.

Tech: Smudge

Dealers: tba. In the meantime contact Ytterbium to reserve a table.

At-con registration: Kathy Westhead

Volunteer-Coordinator:  tba. In the meantime contact Volunteers to register an interest, indicating what area you would like to assist.

GoH: Serena Culfeather

Programme: Farah Mendlesohn

Farah Mendlesohn has worked on conferences and conventions for twenty years. She was head of Programme for Anticipation, the Montreal World Science Fiction Convention, and chaired Concussion in 2006. She has received Hugo nominations for several of her books, and recently won the World Fantasy Award with Michael M. Levy for Children’s Fantasy Literature: An Introduction. Her current book is a complete change of direction, looking at children’s literature about the English Civil War, which meant that she was particularly excited to read Guest of Honour Frances Hardinge’s newest book, A Skinful of Shadows.

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