What is Ytterbium?

Ytterbium is the 2019 Eastercon, the British National Science Fiction Convention. Eastercon has been held over the Easter weekend each year since 1955, and is a gathering place for science fiction fans from around the UK and elsewhere. Ytterbium will build on that long tradition, and, we hope, bring something new, as well. Covering books, film, TV, art and costume over a wide range of science fiction and fantasy, the programme will include talks, discussions, exhibits, quizzes, workshops and entertainment. Look around the site, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and find out more. We hope to see you there!


Ytterbium is committed to tolerance and diversity, and we’ve set out what that means in practice in our policies.


The hotel is 100% accessible. There are no rooms a wheelchair or scooter cannot access and only one room in the convention space that has a ramp to access. There is no hearing loop in the hotel but we are making enquiries into hiring one: please do contact the committee to explain your needs.

If you have specific issues that need addressing, please contact us

Eastercon is a registered trade mark and is used with permission.